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In today’s world, market trends evolve rapidly, and brands are constantly required to adapt their product decisions and marketing strategies to suit these changes.

One such shift is towards a customer-centric model where the firm has to work consistently to earn loyalty. This requires an approach that moves beyond sales optimization, as closing the deal with a customer does not guarantee retainment.

Companies are moving beyond just care and services to devise new strategies to ‘engage’ with their customers- this is precisely what a customer engagement platform does.

What Do Customer Engagement Platforms Do?

While sales engagement platforms aim to convert leads into buyers, customer engagement platforms play an essential role in maintaining contact with the customer even after the purchase and throughout various stages of the customer lifecycle.

It is an effective singular platform that optimizes every point of the customer’s interaction with your company. Customer Engagement platforms play a crucial role in understanding the perspectives of the consumers.

While your firm could have excellent sales staff, today’s business is not driven just by sales but through market research. With cut-throat competition across different domains, information transactions must be quick and accurate.

Technology is undoubtedly the best way to stay updated about these trends, and who is a better source of this data than your customers!

Why Choose 1Q?

1Q is a revolutionary mobile-based customer engagement platform that gives you instant access to targeted audiences across various regions and backgrounds.

1Q is designed to allow real-time interaction with consumers about their past choices, current likes and dislikes, and potential interests.

1Q ensures an effective and powerful network by paying the customers per response. This payment is made instantly by cash which helps build an eager, honest, and incentivized member base.

You can use 1Q for a variety of reasons as follows:

  • Marketing Engagement: 1Q allows you to contact consumers with location-based marketing. This way, you can share promotional offers with the target audience promptly.
  • Product Insights: Using 1Q, you can test a new product concept or even review how customers feel about an existing product.
  • Brand and Creative Insights: Beyond individual products and services, 1Q also allows you to track your brand’s reputation over time. You can learn more about your target audience and also evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing.
  • Public Opinion Research: 1Q offers a platform to understand the public’s opinions on current issues and create new content.
  • Study Recruitment: Through 1Q, you can identify and invite specific participants to be a part of virtual focus groups.

Features of 1Q

1G offers a number of features to help you take your customer engagement to new heights. Here are some of the major features.

Flexible Targeting

While typical customer engagement platforms target respondents based on demographics, 1Q offers you options to reach out to people across specific locations, interests, attitudes, and behaviors.

 Real-time Responses

The immediate pay-per-response model of 1Q incentivizes individuals to respond quickly and accurately. This allows you to view responses, analyze the results, and slice the data through specific profiles.

 Ability to Reconnect

1Q allows you to recontact the respondents as often as needed to learn more about the data they have contributed. You can also create a specialized panel of respondents and reconnect with them whenever required.

 DIY Platform

1Q does not compromise on ease of use, citing the multiple features it offers. Our platform is entirely self-serve. You can send and receive content without wasting time on reviews or waiting for approval.

The Takeaway

1Q can transform your approach to customer engagement and take your business to new heights. When it comes to customer engagement platforms, there’s not much it can’t do to improve your day-to-day customer engagement productivity and results.

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