16 Killer Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphones in 2020 ?️


In this roundup, we are going to take a look at some of the best antivirus apps for Android smartphones that offer robust protection and proactive prevention against known malicious programs.

Android is the most famous operating system for smartphones worldwide. So, having the best antivirus app for your Android device has become important. Cybersecurity Ventures forecasts that cybercrime damages will exceed USD 6 trillion annually by the year 2021.

As our Android smartphones have become smarter with each update, so do malware and adware scams that can gain unauthorized access to our files and private data.

The AV-Test Institute recognizes and registers more than 350,000 new instances of malware every day, with the number of new malware targeting smartphones and mobile devices increasing rapidly.

This creates an ever-growing need to have a strong, robust antivirus program installed, protecting our phones from all kinds of dangerous, malicious programs.

So, here are some of the best antivirus apps for Android that can drastically reduce the risk of your smartphone being infected by a virus. Let’s have a look at these antivirus apps:

The Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Download: Android | iOS

Bitdefender is one of the most advanced cybersecurity apps for Android that offers a lot in terms of protection and security. The fact that the Bitdefender Mobile Security App has been maintaining 4.6 out of 5 ratings is making it to the list of best antivirus apps for Android.

This app provides the best security to your data against prying eyes. This simple to use app has advanced scanning engine which is always running in the background and ensures complete protection of your device from various kinds of viruses and malware.

Moreover, the company consistently updates the virus database and the app keeps adding the latest virus definition to its list to keep you protected from the latest malicious files/programs.

Key Features

  • Anti-Theft tool: ability to access your phone, lock, and wipe out all the data, in case of theft or loss.
  • Cloud scanning technology: this feature results in fast scanning.
  • Web protection: uses a ‘Web Shield’ that blocks all the malicious sites and notifies you about harmful sites.
  • Account privacy: notifies you when your account details have been leaked. Additionally, also keeps all your passwords secure and managed in one place.
  • Bitdefender VPN: keep the user online presence anonymous by hiding the IP. It also lets you use geo-restricted content.
  • Minimal battery drainage: With its advanced scanning engine it uses a very small amount of battery while scanning.
  • It also provides security to your smartwatch. You can detect your device by a phone alarm when lost.


Bitdefender used to be in the best anti-virus software for Android that was not available for free. However, now, this app provides a wide range of features for free.

  • Free: Free version offers real-time protection, web protection, scanning of anti-virus, anti-phishing, and much more.
  • Bitdefender Total Security Plan – $14.99/ year per user or $1.49/month per user: offers a wide range of exciting features such as parental control, privacy firewall, webcam protection, etc. Available for Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows OS.
  • Family Pack Plan – $89.99/year for 5 devices annually: same features as Bitdefender Total Security plan.

2. Norton Antivirus

Download: Android | iOS

Norton Antivirus is in the category of the best-known apps in the world of cybersecurity. This app seems to have everything that you can expect from the best anti-malware apps for Android.

Norton not only provides excellence in protection against malware attacks but also provides some salient features that no other app provides. The top-selling feature of Norton is its ‘App Advisor’ that triggers a warning before you download any suspicious app.

Moreover, the best thing about this app is that it helps secures your device by performing a ‘Smart Scan’. It scans your apps and SD card at your chosen time which helps in the detection of any virus present in the device.

Key Features

  • Smart privacy advisor: scans and keeps you aware of all the suspicious apps before downloading to mitigate the risk of getting your privacy invaded.
  • Locate remotely: helps to find your device remotely and wipe data in case of theft or loss.
  • Sim card lock: automatically locks the device, if anyone attempts to remove the sim.
  • Wi-Fi security: keeps you aware of Wi-Fi that should not be trusted and may have privacy protection issues.
  • Battery usage app advisor: it alerts the user if any of the downloaded apps are draining the battery of the device.
  • Web-protection: notifies the user about online threats and protects the device against malicious sites, online scams, and spyware.
  • Contact-backups: helps the user in restoring all contacts easily on any android or iOS device. Moreover, it also allows users to share their contacts with friends/family.


  • Free: Sadly, Norton has disabled its free version last year in December. However, it does have a free trial option for the new subscribers.
  • Norton Mobile Security – $29.99/year per user. This version offers anti-malware blocker, safe browsing mode, anti-theft modes, remote locate of lost devices, and call blocker. This plan is only for smartphones or tablets.
  • Norton 360 Standard- $34.99/year per user. It provides anti-spyware/ anti-malware protection, PC cloud backup, password manager, and safe camera for PC. This version is available for PC, Mac and smartphones users.

3. Avast Antivirus

Download: Android | iOS

Avast has indeed earned a top name when it comes to the best antivirus for Android. Surfing the web, logging to emails, or using public Wi-Fi may lead to exposing your privacy. But Avast makes sure to provide complete security and protection to your devices.

There’s more to Avast than just its security. With its more than 100 million installs, the app comes out to give its users the most stunning features. With its Scanning the device against the virus, VPN protection, Securing Wi-Fi connections, ‘Photo Vault’, it has covered all.

Moreover, the app is user friendly with its features, it doesn’t distract its users by annoying pop-up notification and cluster of ads. The app allows you to set up a time for scanning and makes sure that the user doesn’t get bothered and provides maximum security to the device.

Key Features

  • Fast scan: smoothly, quickly, and thoroughly scans all the documents, protecting against infused infections in the device.
  • Wi-Fi scan: informs you about security and privacy when connecting to a new Wi-Fi network.
  • Photo-Vault: moves your personal pictures to the hidden Avast Photo Library, accessed with a PIN code.
  • User-friendly: no ads, no pop-up notifications. All the crucial functions run behind the screen on the time set up by the user. Moreover, it doesn’t hinder the performance of the operating system.
  • Detect malicious apps: keeps you aware of all the malicious apps before you download them.
  • Web-Shield: keeps a check on your web activity and protect you from phishing sites.
  • App-time control: enables you to check how much time you have spent using each app and control your screen time by giving you reminders.


  • Free: Avast Android Mobile Security is free offers a lot of features which include: password manager, daily updates, web-shield, specific scan, deep scan, and much more. Only for android users.
  • Premium Security- $89.99/year for up to 10 devices. Features available are secure Wi-Fi, security against phishing sites, block safe and unsafe sites, and much more.
  • Ultimate Security- $119.99/year for up to 10 devices. Same features as Premium but also includes Secure line Premium, Clean up Premium, Password Premium.

4. AVG Antivirus

Download: Android | iOS

AVG Antivirus, also known as, Antivirus Guard, is an antivirus tool that will work like a wonder to safeguard your private life. Unlike other antivirus apps that work by giving all the packages in a single app, AVG continues to generate different apps each for a special purpose.

For users looking to hide their online presence, stay alert of all the online threats, finding a folder to keep their photos hidden, AVG antivirus will prove to be a perfect app for you.

The most noticeable feature of this app is its usage of minimal battery. It not only uses less battery but also works as a power saver for the device. Additionally, it also cleans the junk by removing unnecessary files.

Key Features

  • AVG VPN: helps surfing you the web anonymously by hiding your online presence.
  • Smart Scanner: scans all the apps and documents including games and makes the device virus-free.
  • Power saver: while performing crucial security functions, it uses the least amount of battery by stopping the processes that drain the battery.
  • Anti-Theft tool: helps locating and wiping the data remotely. Moreover, if anyone tries to unlock your phone repeatedly, it secretly emails you a picture or voice of that person.
  • App lock: locks all the app containing your private data with a PIN code or a finger pattern.
  • Photo Vault: works to hide your important pictures in a secure folder to avoid unauthorized access.


  • Free: Free version offers malware protection, specific scan, deep scan, blocks dangerous links, real-time updates, and much more.
  • AVG Antivirus Pro – $14.99/year per user. Features that are available in the AVG Antivirus Pro version are ransomware shield, privacy protection, and anti-theft tools.

5. Kaspersky Internet Security

Download: Android | iOS

Launched in 1997, Kaspersky is a technology leader in the world of cybercrimes which protect your data from ransomware encryption and various kind of viruses.

This antivirus application comes up with a plethora of security functions. From keeping you aware of the malicious links, detecting a secure Wi-Fi, anti-theft tool for locating your device immediately in case of theft, it is all in one solution for mobile security.

If you are the one who fancies App Lock Features, it has one of the best app locks. Before giving your phone to someone, you just have to choose the apps with sensitive data and the app will lock it with the PIN code or fingerprint you use for your device.

Key Features

  • Call filter: enables you to filters the call that you want to receive and moves unwanted contacts to the blacklist.
  • Anti-Theft tool: gives access to your phone remotely. It also captures the picture of the person who tries to unlock your phone more than three times.
  • App-Lock: locks the app that contains sensitive data with the help of a fingerprint or pattern.
  • Real-time protection: consistently monitors your device with advanced antivirus scans which assures complete protection of your device.
  • Anti-Phishing: works to secure your personal data while banking and shopping online.
  • Web protection: secure your web surfing by protecting your device against malicious links/programs.
  • Find My Device: Locate your Android device. You can trigger an alarm and give a brief message on screen which will help locate the device easily.


  • Free: Kaspersky free app is for the people who only require basic security for their device. The free version provides features such as manual scan, core protection, call filter, etc.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Android – $11.99/year per user. The features it provides are anti-phishing, scheduled-virus scanning, app lock, real-time protection, find my device, and much more.

6. McAfee Mobile Security

Download: Android | iOS

McAfee packs a punch with its massive number of amazing features. Not only it provides protection against malicious apps, helps to connect to a secure Wi-Fi but also it provides free tips and useful pieces of advice to its users to keep their mobile secure.

McAfee remarkably provides some free features that most apps have restricted to their paid versions. The Biggest perk of this app has to be its ‘Guest Mode’ feature. You can create a guest account and add apps of your choice when giving your phone to someone else.

You can also switch to an ad-free app by upgrading to its paid version. The paid version also provides some extra features that will surely amaze you.

 Key Features

  • Storage cleaner: stores all the unnecessary junk in one place and you can simply clear it with just a few clicks.
  • VPN: change your location to make your online presence safe and anonymous.
  • Secure app lock: works to secure your specific apps by using a fingerprint or a pattern.
  • My Watch: keeps you aware of your phone’s battery level, Bluetooth, and secure Wi-Fi for a healthy phone life.
  • Safe Wi-Fi: scans networks and keeps you notify about a secure Wi-Fi connection.
  • Guest Mode: creates a guest account with the apps of your choice making ease when handling your device to others.


  • Free: Anti-Theft, memory booster, My Watch, privacy check, safe Wi-Fi, storage cleaner are features available in the free version of the app.
  • Standard plan – $29.99/year per user. Allows safe web browsing, guest mode, app locking, phone support, and no ads.
  • Plus plan – $79.99/year per user. Includes all the features in the free and standard plan as well as provide VPN Guard.

7. Avira Antivirus

Download: Android |iOS

With its detection of 350,000 threats every month for Android, Avira Antivirus has made it to the best free antivirus app for Android. Users who are looking for an app that is easy to use with its features, installing this app is not a bad idea.

Avira Antivirus protects everything you have and everything you do. The app provides all the basic security that you can expect from an antivirus app. With just a single click the app performs a scan, detects malware, and then works to make your device virus-free.

The app runs quietly in the background making sure it does not distract its users while they are on screen. Moreover, it takes very less storage space.

Key Features

  • Safe shopping: allows the user to shop safely, blocking ads, and also gives suggestions to find cheaper prices while shopping.
  • Game booster mode: optimizes the relevant system settings to improve the performance for gaming.
  • Pass Lock Password: allows you to lock an individual or group of apps by setting a PIN code. Moreover, you can also enhance privacy by scheduling apps to be accessed at a particular time and location.
  • Easy to use: intuitive interface and features/tools of the app are user friendly.
  • Network scanner: works by detecting all the devices in your home and notifies you if any of the devices are exposed to ransomware threat.
  • Password manager: manages and secures all your passwords in one place.


  • Free: Free version is perfect for users who requires security on a basic level. These features are network scanner, password manager, anti-theft tools, game booster mode, and much more.
  • Avira Antivirus Pro – $ 44.99/year for 1 device. The pro plan safeguards your privacy, block annoying ads, shop safely, and provides customer support.

8. Lookout Antivirus

Download: Android | iOS

Although Lookout Antivirus doesn’t prove to be in the best antimalware for Android, surely its “Identity Protection” feature allows it to overcome the other shortcomings of the app.

The Lookout app has covered all the essential protection features for your device security. From basic malware protection, web-protection to a system advisor, the app tries more to focus on its important functions.

Moreover, installing the app is very easy and the interface is also quite user-friendly making it a huge plus for people who don’t want to get in any kind of hassle.

 Key Features

  • System advisor: keeps you aware of the working of the Operating System by checking the system for root detections.
  • Identity-Protection: works by taking your personal information and then alert you if any of your information is found exposed on the web.
  • Safe browsing: allows you to surf the web securely without worrying about privacy invasion. Not only it blocks malicious sites but also keeps you aware of the infected links.
  • Wi-Fi security: alerts you if you join a Wi-Fi that might be dangerous.
  • Theft-Protection Tool: locate your device remotely and helps to wipe all the data in case of theft.
  • Find my Phone: helps you locating your phone with the help of their web portal that has a map. Moreover, if your battery is about to end it immediately saves its last location and posts it to the portal.


  • Free: The app has quite a few features in its free version including antivirus scanning, location tools, and system advisor.
  • Premium – $29.99/year per user. The Premium plan offers anti-theft tools, web protection, and privacy adviser.
  • Premium Plus – $99.99/year per user. Premium Plus features include identity-theft insurance and 24/7 support and all the basic tools as well.

9. Malwarebytes Security

Download: Android | iOS

As suggested by the name Malwarebytes Security is just another antivirus app that works pretty good for all the malware and viruses that are present or are yet to come in your device.

The evolution of the app from a dedicated malware scanner to a fully equipped antivirus scanner is definitely unbelievable. Safe to say that the app has functionalities that fight with most types of viruses assuring complete protection of your mobile.

Malwarebytes surely is a successful app in terms of scanning malware but it lags behind when it comes to offering additional features that other antivirus apps are offering.

Key Features

  • Real-time malware protection: shields your device by keeping you aware of online threats, malicious apps, spyware, and much more.
  • Multiple scanning options: threat scan, custom scan, and hyper scan ensures proper scanning by checking the area which is most likely to be affected, scanning the app of your choice and scanning of memory respectively.
  • Privacy-audit for all apps: keeps a check on all apps which can access your location, personal information, and notifies you when exposed online.
  • Safe browsing: detects phishing URLs, triggers warning for risky sites, and protection against online scams when you are surfing the web.
  • Removes adware: find and remove all the distracting pop-up notifications and adds when you are online.


  • Free: The free version of the app just does not provide enough features. Conducting privacy scan for all apps, detecting and removing malware from the device are the only features that the free version of Malwarebytes offers.
  • Premium plan – $ 11.99/ year or $1.49/ month per user. Premium Version offers features like safe browsing experience, scan ransomware, and real-time protection.

10. Dr. Capsule

Download: Android | iOS app not available

Protect your data from malicious links, ransomware encryption, and viruses just by installing this anti-virus app designed for your Android smartphone.

This easy to use app incorporates a host of effective features and that too for free making it to the list of best free antivirus for Android phones. Cloud scanning, real-time protection, and far more the best ‘Diagnosis-Prescription-Treatment’ are the top features that Dr. Capsule offers.

The app also provides a unique feature in which you tend to know the status of your device. The symbol green indicates the safety of your device while red refers to a problem. Resolve the problem just by a single click on this app.

 Key Features

  • App Manager: manages and lists up all your apps depending upon your usage, so that you can check them easily without any hassle.
  • Messenger Cleaner: cleans junk by removing old media files on messenger apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line) by taking your permission to increase storage.
  • Auto Boosting: enhance the performance/storage of the device by optimizing the memory.
  • Real-time Scan: scans the file when opened, received, downloaded, or edited for protecting against the virus.
  • Privacy Cleaner: deletes or removes all your web history that prevents the leakage of your personal information.


Dr. Capsule antivirus app for Android offers all of its amazing features for free and don’t have any paid subscription.

11. Sophos Intercept X

Download: Android | iOS

Sophos Intercept X antivirus for mobile is a product of Sophos Group. The company generates products for high-end network security, encryption, email security for smartphones, and organizations.

This app claims to provide advanced protection and security to your device just like the other best antivirus apps for Android do. Sophos Intercept X has built-in features that protect your device from a huge amount of threats.

Another big strength of this antivirus app is that it is easy to deploy. There is no need to remove your current provider.

Key Features

  • Mobile Threat Defense (MTD): protects your device and data against mobile threats by connecting your app to your Organization’s Microsoft Intune. Sophos Central manages it.
  • Minimal data and Battery usage: the app takes a very limited amount of data and battery for its functionalities and updating purposes.
  • Password authenticator: works by generating one-time passwords also known as verification code for multi-factor authentication. Moreover, the password safe feature protects and manages all your passwords in a KeePass-compatible password database.
  • Secure QR code Scanner: works by using its integrated QR code scanner to scan URLs, Wi-Fi codes, and contacts that give protection against inappropriate links and data.
  • Web filtering: filters and blocks web pages consisting of malicious, infected, and undesirable content.
  • Link checker: validates the link that you tap in a non-browser app for any kind of virus.
  • Security Advisor: gives its users security updates and tips to keep their device secure and protected.


  • Free: Sophos Intercept X does not have a free version. But they offer a 30-day free trial for having a better insight into the app.
  • Sophos Home Security: the price is available on request. Protect against malware, viruses, privacy invasion, and much more. It gives protection for up to 10 devices.

12. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Download: Android | iOS

Keep your data safe from the online threats, scams, and cybercriminals with their malicious intent by installing an antivirus app just like Trend Micro Mobile Security.

Trend Micro app remarkably scored 100% in AV-Test’s Android security testing for the detection of malware samples. Thus, a perfect app for antivirus protection of your device.

The top AI Scan Feature of Trend Micro Mobile Security is capable of making the device virus-free from malicious apps, infected links, and online scams. Moreover, it also helps in boosting the device performance and extend your battery life.

 Key Features

  • Virus scan: scan for the virus when the user is surfing the web, shopping online, or install the apps to safeguard the device from online threats.
  • System tuner: optimizes the battery and memory of your device by cleaning up unnecessary junk and by reducing the running processes in the mobile.
  • Secure Wi-Fi: warns you if you are connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi that may prove to be harmful to your mobile.
  • App Lock: enables you to look for apps that contain sensitive data to secure it from unauthorized use.
  • Secret snap: captures a picture secretly when someone tries to open the phone repeatedly.
  • Pre-Install scan: triggers a warning for the app that might be suspicious or dangerous to download.


  • Free: Trend Micro Mobile Security doesn’t provide a lot for free as compared to the features of the best free antivirus for Android phones. The app is free for iOS however it allows its android users to have a free trial so that they can have a better insight into the app before purchasing.
  • Mobile Security Plan for Android – $29.99/ year for a single device. It offers several appealing features such as anti-theft tools, protection against scams, system turner, secure VPN, parental controls, and much more.

13. Panda Dome

Download: Android | iOS

Panda Dome, that has recently replaced Panda Antivirus with all the new and effective features hails from Spain. This multi-national company offers several different kinds of products for home and business users depending upon their needs.

The best free antivirus for Android should include Panda Dome on the list as it offers all that protection and security in a lean package. People who prefer wearing smartwatches can take a lot of benefit from this app.

The apps also help to protect your device and smartwatch by alerting you when they are far away from each other.

Although Panda Dome has a slightly expensive paid subscription but its slick and attractive interface has to overcome the apps other shortcomings.

Key Features

  • Free VPN: enables you to use your favorite sites by hiding your online presence through a secure data tunnel. However, the VPN has a limit of 150 MB per day.
  • Phone locator: lock and wipe the data for protection against unauthorized access and finds your device with GPS location.
  • Privacy auditor: monitors the access given to the apps on your phone such as access to location, contacts, photos, etc.
  • Anti-spam: put all the unwanted contacts into the blacklist with the help of a Call Blocker.
  • Real-time scan: scans all the apps, apps updates, SD cards for protection against any kind of virus. Moreover, you can also scan your device with your smartwatch.
  • Motion alert: triggers an alarm warning you if there is unauthorized access to your device.


  • Free: Features that are for free in Panda Dome are real-time antivirus protection, free VPN, privacy auditor, and anti-theft locator.
  • Essential plan – $ 44.24/year per user. Bonus features that the essential plan provides are Wi-Fi protection and external scanning. Available for Android as well as macOS.
  • Advanced Plan – $53.24/year per user. Added features include parental control, protection against ransomware, and safe browsing.

14. LINE Antivirus

Download: Android | iOS app not available

Developed by the creative team at LINE, this antivirus app provides all the basic tools to protect your device. Moreover, if you are looking for a free Antivirus app with some cool features, you are just in the right place.

The updated version of the LINE Antivirus came up with a lot of new features. You can free up space in your mobile by its optimization function. It removes all the unwanted apps and files which helps to improve the performance of your mobile. You can also have quick access to your favourite apps with the help of shortcuts or widgets given in the notification bar.

Key Features

  • App scanner: scans all the apps in your device and warns you about the harmful ones.
  • Widgets and shortcuts: add shortcuts on the lock screen or notification bar for quick access to any feature.
  • App Manager: manages all your apps quickly according to your use.
  • Safe browsing: enables you to surf the web safely by blocking malicious sites.
  • Scheduled scan: works by scheduling a customized scan to avoid interruption in between your screen time.
  • Optimization: works by deleting all the unnecessary files to clean the device.


LINE Antivirus is available for free.

15. NOX Security

Download: Android | iOS app not available

NOX Security is a free antivirus app that protects your device from the virus. For people who don’t want to invest in an anti-virus app, they should definitely check NOX Security as it is completely a free app, with some effective features.

This free app extends your battery life, cleans the storage, checks your notifications, provides real-time protection making it perfect for people who demand basic anti-virus tools for their personal use. You don’t need to spend on extra features as it is an all in one app.

Key Features

  • Battery Saver: closes the inactive apps running in the background which helps using the minimal battery. Moreover, it monitors the battery status for the power-saving mode.
  • Real-time protection: provides your mobile real-time protection against adware, malicious apps, and rootkits by scanning.
  • Junk cleaner: works by getting rid of all the unnecessary files and apps to increase the memory storage.
  • Notification check: blacklists the apps that send unwanted notifications. Blocking unnecessary notifications also helps to prevent from jamming or slowing down the device.
  • Message security: prevents peeping others to preview your message notifications.
  • App lock: locks the app containing sensitive data with pattern lock or a PIN code.


NOX Security is available free of cost.

16. Safe Security

 Download: Android | iOS app not available

Safe Security previously known as 360 Security, supported by a Chinese company named ‘Qihoo’ is an antivirus app that claims to provide complete protection to your device. The company rebranded itself and came up with a lot of new features for its users.

The thing that the company really needs to work upon is the ads. The app is clustered with ads but you can switch to its Premium version to avoid this hassle. Safe Security has made an inexpensive paid version making it a huge plus for the app.

Key Features

  • File cleaner: works by cleaning up all the junk files regularly such as image cache, video cache, system cache, and advertisement cache to increase the storage space of the device.
  • Speed booster: speed up and enhance the performance of the device by optimizing memory.
  • Wi-Fi security check: checks the connection of your Wi-Fi and warns you whenever you join an insecure network.
  • Intruder selfie: takes a picture of anyone who tries to break into the app without your consent. Moreover, the App Lock records the date, time, and location for a better record.
  • Call and SMS filter: filters the calls and messages by adding unwanted and anonymous contacts to the blacklist.
  • Antivirus scan: scan the installation process of the apps, installed apps, documents, files automatically to prevent catching up a virus.
  • Multi-function lock screen: automatically turn on the optimization mode of your mobile when locked. Notifies you about low/full charging by an alarm. Manages all the notifications by removing the unnecessary one and displaying the important ones at the top.


  • Free: The list of the free features of Safe Security includes anti-ransomware protection, Wi-Fi security check, speed booster, privacy and app lock, notification manager, etc.
  • Premium version – USD 11.99/year per user. Premium version offers features such as privacy cleaner, ad-blocker, scheduled clean up, junk file cleaner update and support, and much more.

So, here we have some of the best anti-malware apps for Android. These all apps mentioned above have some pros and cons. You just need to choose the app wisely depending upon your needs.

To make your decision process easy, we have listed all the key features of every app. Read the full reviews and then make your choice. Also, let us know in the comments below that which app do you like the most.

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