11 Office Relocation Tips


11 Office Relocation Tips

Each office relocation will be different, which means it will be up to you and your team to decide what should be included in your specific project plan. The priority is to ensure that all details are covered within the set budget and timeframe.

Here are some tips for a successful office move:

  1. Decide whether you will be using full office relocation movers before you come up with the project plan. If you opt for a full-service mover, they will handle most of the corporate relocation on your behalf. This in turn will save you and your team a lot of work and time. After selecting the relocation company that you plan to work with, they need to present you with a detailed plan for helping you manage the process.
  1. The office relocation plan should include steps your organization plans to take to choose the best office moving service, no matter what. The plan should include a process for interviewing and hiring a commercial moving service that has the resources, experience and manpower needed to ensure an efficient office move.
  1. Ensure that the commercial moving company you hire has valid insurance and get them to send you a copy of it before you sign any contract with them.
  1. Inform your employees of the pending at the earliest possible. Discuss relocation packages if you will be making a long-distance move. You also need to keep your employees informed throughout the process via posted notices, regular emails, along with announcements during company meetings.
  1. Determine how much space is needed in the new office and plan for future growth if necessary.
  1. Select a suitable new office location before negotiating a lease. Determine in advance the length and type of lease you need.
  1. Partner with a professional office planner on the design and build out. You should also know the dimensions of the new space. Armed with that information, you and the relocation company can map out the office and desk space.
  1. Work with the IT department when planning the new office infrastructure.
  1. Office relocations present the perfect opportunity for replacing outdated furnishings and equipment. Perform an inventory to determine what items need to be replaced or moved. You also need to decide how you plan to dispose of the outdated office equipment and furniture.
  1. Update all the marketing collateral, which includes the company website and online citations, business cards, brochures, and also determine those that require a change in address.
  1. Notify your vendors and customers about the upcoming relocation. Take advantage of this time to communicate with prospective, current, and former customers several times throughout the process of relocation. Announce the pending move. If company growth is the reason for the relocation, proudly inform your vendors and customers. Later, you should send an update about how well the relocation plans are going, and finally announce the completion of the move.

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