Ecommerce Businesses Need Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Successful Operations


Salesforce has made it possible for people to build their branded eCommerce sites with one subscription that encompasses all your marketing, eCommerce, and CRM needs, as well as several others. This is made possible with the introduction of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a new product for B2C (Business to customer) websites.

This post will introduce you to the benefits of salesforce commerce cloud and salesforce commerce cloud consulting for your operations.

What are the benefits of using Salesforce Commerce Cloud? 

Some things to consider when choosing between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and other similar platforms include the level of eCommerce experience you have, how much time and funds you have to develop and launch a website, what size of website your resources can cover, and whether or not you want your eCommerce platforms to be integrated with other tools or a self-sufficient platform.

Let’s get down to the business of it. 

No need to build or maintain a warehouse.

Small businesses often find it taxing when they need to build their own warehouses to ship products to their customers. However, Salesforce Commerce Cloud saves you from that burden. You don’t need your own warehouse because the platform has features that allow you to outsource your logistics and products to trusted third-party logistics companies while you concentrate on other aspects.

Zero coding skills needed to build a branded eCommerce site 

If you have been doing business on B2C eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify, you would have had to build your website from scratch, which will cost you time and money because you need to hire a developer who will create the website and maintain it.

However, you can now say goodbye to all those stressful aspects because the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform takes away the need to build your site from scratch as everything is built-in. All you need to do is focus on maintaining your website and pursuing your business goals.

Leverage a closed system and customer data warehouse

It isn’t surprising to find most eCommerce platforms coming with a closed ecosystem, which means it is self-containing and cannot connect with other data warehouses and SaaS solutions. The problem with this situation is that, when you want to collect data from your site, you will need to hire developers who will build integrations.

With the Salesforce Commerce Cloud services, you have a closed ecosystem and a customer data warehouse. This means that you have a way to collect data and insights directly from your eCommerce site without needing to hire a developer. This has a huge benefit when it comes to scaling your business, as you won’t need to figure out another way to collect data as your eCommerce site grows. 

Enjoy merchandising and ad-targeting tools 

It can sometimes be problematic to launch merchandising and ad-targeting tools on some eCommerce sites. However, it is seamless to run these tools using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting platform. These features are in-built, which makes the platform better for you. You can grow your business in real-time and get more customers using the ad-targeting tool.

Brimit can use Commerce Cloud to create a beautifully designed and branded buying experience for your customers across the web, social media, mobile, and even offline.

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